One of the fields I am deeply interested in is Electronics. I have learned basics of it in 2004, and continiued to design different circuits and learn more in both analog and digital electronics. I am more interested and profecient in digital electronics and computer architecture.

I have learned and exprienced all the process of design and implementation of an electrical circuits. Therefore I am profecient in using computer tools such as Proteus, Altium Designer, etc.

Two of my most recent works in this field are Intelligent Photo Charger and Junior RoboCup Soccer Robot.

The former, has an analog circuit for regulating voltage of PhotoVoltaics to a custom voltage entered by user withing a numpad. It works with controlling input of a capacitor while getting feedback from output voltage. The less output voltage is, the more time input voltage is connected to the capacitor. Actually, the charge of the capacitor is being occilated about 1mV with frequency of less than 1Hz while depending on the output current.

However, the latter is consistent of many digital circuits. Probabily the most innovative one is our robot's main ciruit which was a Black Board, mastering a bus between all other modules. It was the greatest difference between our robot and our competitiors’. It enabled us to have 7 separate modules that are working independently and having different roles. Finally, with our optimizations, maximum waiting time for each of the clients was 45 microseconds, while we didn't have any clock faster than 20 MHz. In other words, We had cut the maximum blocking time of each client to about 900 clocks. This architecture also made our robot completely extensible that we could eliminate or add a module at any time.